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Anyone gone Dutch?

BR 1979BR 1979 Posts: 296
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I have always commuted on a road bike or fixed.

Find myself increasingly drawn to getting a big soft dutch bike. Max commute is 7 miles, so will cost me no more than 10 minutes on a journey.

Have you ever "downgraded"? What to? Did you stick with it or go back to a road bike?

(I won't tell you my full fantastic which I involves getting a lightweight frame made in a dutch style, some light handbuilts and terrorizing the Embankment!)


  • If my commute was only 7 miles I would use a Dutch or similar bike, with mudguards, chainguard, places for luggage, etc.

    Not instead of a road bike, though
  • jomojjomoj Posts: 777
    the 'dutch' position is great for trundling along at a civilised pace on flat terrain - i.e. as is possible in Holland. It's a bloody nightmare trying to go uphill on or in a stiff headwind so factor that into your decision.

    (speaking from experience of living in Holland for 3 months and riding a typical dutch bike. I flipped the bars round to get a slightly more aero position...)
  • My wife would agree with the hills comment. She has a Pashley with a basket which she rates very highly for taking the 3 year old to nursery and for shopping. Comfortable, sturdy, built in lock, mudguards and chain case to keep clothes clean, etc. But going up hills it doesn't (for that she's got a road bike …).
  • andyh01andyh01 Posts: 571
    Not as such love the relaxed road bike Trek 2.1 however I am seriously tempted to put a dymano hub and lights on closes I'm going to get for my short commute and light touring
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I wouldn't call anything a downgrade, if it works for you. There seems to be a strong 'you need a drop bar road bike' to commute sentiment with many commuters, but is highly subjective. My bike has evolved to how I want it, and because of that it suits my needs perfectly.
  • haven't downgraded as such but put a set of on-one Mary bars on a road bike with flat bar shifters (an old Raleigh Sirocco which was too big for me), which give it a nice laid-back handlebar position. Not quite sit-up-and-beg, but very comfortable nonethless over my 7 mile commute, without the weight penalty of a traditional Dutch roadster.
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