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Too much travel??

StortyStorty Posts: 18
edited November 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
I've got an Inbred frame with RS Tora air forks. I removed the internal spacers when I got them (from eBay)as I believed that would give me 120mm of travel which, according to the On One website, is the maximum the Inbred is designed for. I know that this is possibly a slightly dumb question but anyway. ......
I can measure nearly 140mm on the fork stanchions although I'm not sure if the fork will actually travel this amount? If it does, is it actually the end of the world?
If anyone could give a little clarification that would be great. I know that not even 20mm seems like nothing but as I could never be accused of being a smooth rider I'm concerned that when I come barrelling down a hill barely in control something may break and I'll end up smearing my face all over the floor. Cheers.


  • BigAlBigAl Posts: 3,122
    I think* if you remove ALL the spacers you'll get a 130mm fork with the Toras. And there will be a bit more stantion showing than whatever the travel is.

    Check the SRAM / Rockshox webby. You may need to add a 10mm spacer to pull them back top 120mm.

    * It is with my Recons which may well share the same internals.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Remove the air and measure the travel.
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  • StortyStorty Posts: 18
    Ok, cheers, I'll check out both of those things. I'm assuming that if it is too much it will cause stress around the headtube or would it not make any real difference as it is only about 20mm?
  • micedenmiceden Posts: 225
    No the fork wont travel the full length of the stanchion... did the A2C measurement change when you removed the spacers? So long as that stayed the same the geometry hasn't been affected so it shouldn't affect the frame... if removing the spacers increased the A2C height though, and I don't think its the case as I'm pretty sure the tora is a fixed height regardless of travel, 20mm is not going to break anything, that should be well within any frame manufacturers tolerances.

    Providing you've put the fork back together correctly you shouldn't have to worry about it, or the frame, breaking while clinging on for dear life barrelling down a hill.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    No, the a2c changes when you alter the spacers.
  • StortyStorty Posts: 18
    Thanks for your replies. A2C? What's that? Not heard of that before. I took them apart to service and alter them using the manual but that is the extent of my knowledge.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
    A2C, axle (mid point) to Crown (where the crown race sits) in other words the 'fork length' relevant to bike geometry and loads put into the frame.
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  • StortyStorty Posts: 18
    I see. Learn something new every day! I guess that would have changed when altering travel. Going to give Cooldad's advice a go and see what I've got then add a spacer of I need too. Thanks for everyone's help. Always good to get a second opinion.
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