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Edge 800 device totals

matt21matt21 Posts: 71
edited November 2013 in Workshop
Hi all

Has anyone any idea how to correct Edge 800 device totals. It's of absolutely no consequence but is really annoying. I've clocked up about 5500miles on different bikes since purchase but it's only showing 800. I've done a google search but the 2 solutions I've found don't seem to work....


  • I have an 800 but not sure about your problem. Could it be that the device totals are for each bike profile you have on the device. Could be that the 800 miles you are seeing is on a specific bike profile. Just a thought.

    Another possibility is that the 800 does not record data unless the timer is started. I assume you start the timer at the beginning of every ride.
    I have only two things to say to that; Bo***cks
  • matt21matt21 Posts: 71
    Nope - each bike has its own total, but go on to history and device totals ie. for all bikes and it doesn't equate. I've read other posts elsewhere about the same problem but haven't yet seen a solution.
    Also I've got is set to remind me to start.
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