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Chainset Spacers

DB2012DB2012 Posts: 30
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Hi, hoping you can help confirm if ive fitted my spacer correctly? I am fitting my Quarq SRAM chainset onto my S-Works SL4 tarmac (BB30). I have the correct BB adaptor cups that push in both sides after the bottom bracket however without a spacer there is some play in the crank arms. So i found a small plastic spacer in my tool box and put it between the bottom bracket and the adaptor cup on the drive side. Tightened it all up and it seems to be ok. No play and the crank runs smoothly. I just want some reassurrance that i have done this right as im no mechanic and dont want to break anything! Cheers.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,722
    did you follow the instructions for the crankset and the adaptors?

    using adaptors to fit one type of crankset to a different type of bb creates opportunities for things not to match, especially if from different manufacturers

    if you say which adaptors you're using, maybe someone else has experience of them

    as things stand, unless the spacer happens to be just right it could be putting too much side load on the bearings, so they may wear faster or be damaged
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    SRAM cranks are very dependent on getting the BB width correct by adding spacers/wavy washers because there's no means of adjusting bearing end-load. Suggest you refer to the SRAM tech docs, particularly to check BB shell is in tolerance and installation of shims / wavy washers
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