Spoke tension app

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I was having a look at spoke tension meters earlier and came across this;

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/spoke-t ... 70820?mt=8

Seems a bit far fetched to me but was wondering if anyone who has tried it.


  • It's what they use with a more sophisticated approach at Easton... their wheels are legendary for reliability... :wink:
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  • majormantra
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    Should be fine for checking relative tensions. I wouldn't really trust it for an absolute measure. Mind you, I don't really trust the TM-1 for that either.
  • cycleclinic
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    I will be making by own caliriabtion setup soon with a load cell as the TM-1 is not calibrated properly for many spoke and DT Swiss tensio does read the tension on CX-rays on rear NDS at all and the sapim gauge I have does over reads I think.
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