Winter Clothing Advice...

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Hi, been knocking around the site for a while but have never posted, so here goes...
I went out on a ride today, 75km, in the cold - was 5 degrees C. I sweated a fair bit and ended up with wet patches which turned cold and stayed cold, which was quite uncomfortable to say the least.
I know people will suggest wearing more breathable garments/fabrics, but today i was wearing dhb roubaix bib tights, mavic baselayer, endura fs260 l/s jersey, and periodically, a northwave sidi jacket (not particularly breathable, but happens without it too).
It was particularly noticeable where the baselayer and bib tights overlapped each other (baselayer is worn beneath the bib tights)... suggestions?


  • amaferanga
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    5 degrees is too warm for roubaix bibs. Try bib shorts with roubaix leg warmers.
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