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New Bike Advice Please

tomawesttomawest Posts: 10
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My works cycle to work scheme is about to open up and I've decided that after cycling to work over the summer, I want to get a much better bike than my Schwinn Sportage bike which I have now converted to a winter commuter.
My commute consists of 1 mile on the road, and 5 miles on Sheffields amazing (not) cycle paths. Other than that my main use for the bike will be trail riding so Im certain I want front suspension and hydraulic disc breaks. This would also enable me to cut my commute by a mile in each direction as I can use the canal towpath instead. Showers at work are also terrible so I need the bike to be compatable with full mudguards and a rack.

Ive been looking at both the specialized crosstrail expert disc ... e-ec042526
and the Trek DS 8.6 ... e-ec054494

At the moment im swayed towards the Trek as the specs seem identical other than the fact that the Trek has the isozone frame and is £100 cheaper but Im wondering if there's a bike I've missed. Specifically a mountain bike that would be compatable with full guards and a rear pannier rack. I realise that a mountain bike may be a little slower however I would happily sacrifice a couple of minutes from the commute if it means a comfier ride and a much better run on the weekend.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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