Rose Xeon CRS 3000 vs. Trek Madone 5.2 vs Boardman SLR 9.2

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Hi guys,

I'm faced with a dilema here. I have the chance to buy a Trek Madone 5.2 or a Boardman SLR 9.2 for approx. the same price - 1900 quid. Or I can buy a Rose Xeon CRS 3000 for approx 1800 quid.

These bikes are probably different in comfort or weight or ... you name it, but after reading the reviews, they are on my short list.

The Madone comes with the last years 10 gears Ultegra and the nice brakes, confy ride and tubeless ready wheels while the SLR with the Force group and Ksyrium Elite wheels.
On the other hand the Xeon CRS is more "up to date" componentry wise with 11 gear Ultegra and a very light and stiff frame.
SLR and CRS have Ritchy finishing kit while the Madone benefits from Bontrager. I've seen the Madone in the shop and it doesn't look too impresive on the finishing quality of the handle bars and stem, but that's not so important as the rest of the bike (frame, group, etc).

I'm looking for a bike that I can use for longer (3-4 hrs) relaxed rides but also for half ironman races. Confort is always welcome but the racy side is a bit more important for me.

Please advise me which one to get and what would be your reasons.



  • Anyone? :)
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    You really need to go and try them all to find the right one for you, unfortunately this will not be possible with the Rose unless you live in Germany or you know someone with one.
    It is a lot of money to risk based on some subjective opinions.
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    As diamonddog and many others will say, you need to test ride them first. The club I ride with has a guy
    that rides a SLR 9.2 and he rates it highly but I think he paid a lot more that £1900 for it ?

    You can pick from a lot of very good bikes at your price point at this time of year, happy hunting.
  • Hey Guys.

    Thanks for your replies!

    I decided to go with the Xeon CRS 3000. I think it's the best value package and after some upgrades (Ritchey carbon handlebars, Selle Italia Flite saddle, chain spotter, etc.) i ended up paying 2300 euro for it. I went for the standard crank with an 11-28 cassete in the 59 size (I'm 187 cm high with 88 cm inseam). I got it in shiny black and red colour. It'll arive it in February. Looking much forward to that. I'll have to distract myself with mountainbiking till then :)

    Will take some pictures when i get it and post them in the designated area.

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    I have an SLR 9.2S. I have no problem spending 6 hours in the saddle and the Arione that it came with is very comfortable.

    It's not a sportive bike, it's a thug of a hill climb/sprint bike. It is mega stiff, to the point that you will feel every bump but will also have every watt turned into motion. It really does reward you and because it is so stiff it feels even lighter than it is (6.8kg actual weight). It's a bike that makes you go and find hills to ride. I love every ride on it.

    I chose it over the Canyon SLX as I wanted the back up of a UK company and LBS network. Not one single thing has needed adjusting in 1800 miles but I have that support if something did go wrong. It was a hard choice but one I am very happy with. At that time, the Madone 5.2 seemed dull and the only other one I looked at was a SuperSix. I liked the Dale a lot.

    I paid a lot more than £1900 for mine but the S has Di2. I specc'd a Force compact crank set with Di2 shifting and I think this gives the best of all options. I had several options with the Boardman and it took two days to build and be delivered after choosing.

    I would buy exactly the same bike again.

    Ah while I was in and out of writing I see you just pushed the button. I am sure you will enjoy your bike :)
    Boardman Elite SLR 9.2S
    Boardman FS Pro
  • Thanks Bar Shaker!

    The 9.2 (no Di2) was my second option and I could have had it quite fast delivered. I like the spec and the lightness of the thing as well as the looks. And hopefully the new 6800 groupset is as good as it sounds on paper. I only read good things about Boardman and I'm glad to hear you're happy with it :-) I just hope my Rose will be as nice as your SLR.

    Weight is around 7 kg, probably more when road ready (pedals, seat pouch and bottles) but i don't think it makes any difference at all if you have a 6.5 kg or a 7.5 kg bike. It's more about the legs and the mental strength (especially in a competition), but i really don't wanna start a discussion about weight.

    All 3 are very good bikes, especially for a newbie like me.

    All the best!
  • smoggysteve
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    if you want proven performance the Trek wins hands down. One of the best frames on the market and guaranteed support. Not saying the other two can't offer support or a decent ride but a Madone is thoroughbred.
  • It finally arrived and couldn't be happier!
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