Scott Addict R1 Headset

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I need to change the bearings on my headset. I have a 2011 Scott Addict R1 (the matt black one).

I get so confused, not sure exactly which one I have.;c ... id=7;pgc=0

Can someone please help?

Scott Addict 2011
Giant TCR 2012


  • markwb79
    markwb79 Posts: 937
    Scott Addict 2011
    Giant TCR 2012
  • majormantra
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    As far as I'm aware all older Addicts use the zero stack style 44mm ID ones, like this, or the more expensive WCS one down the page:;n ... 330e44ab84

    You should be able to find just the bearings from Ritchey or a third party. Make sure you get the right OD/ID/stack/taper.

    Don't buy the one I've linked to unless you want rubbish 'semi cartridge' (i.e. not a proper cartridge!) bearings. They kinda suck.