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Concrete spillage on Tower Hill junction with Shorter Street

bigbellybigbelly Posts: 83
edited November 2013 in Commuting general
Hi all,

Given recent cycling deaths in London, I thought I'd report the issue of a concrete spillage on the cycle lane just at the traffic lights where traffic turns right onto southbound Tower Bridge. It's the junction where cyclists come from central London and join the Tower Gateway end of the CS3 cycle superhighway. The spillage is obscuring the whole of the cycle lane and is a few inches deep. Traffic is causing the powder to spread all across the junction for several metres.

It is forcing cyclists to move into the car / lorry traffic.

I have reported the spillage to Transport for London emergency road clean up crew who said it would be cleared up within the hour. I reported the incident by phone and spoke to a real person rather than reporting it via their webpage.

This junction is the most dangerous part of my commute and I couldn't sit idely by at work whilst that was on my mind.

If anyone wants to report similar road issues, Transport for London's phone number is 0343 222 1234 (local rates).

I have a reference number in case anyone needs it.
shame the rider doesn't match the bike...
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