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Garmin Edge 800 heart rate issues

Gazmania1Gazmania1 Posts: 87
edited November 2013 in Workshop
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has encountered the following problem with their Garmin Edge 800's with relation to the heart rate monitor.....basically it works fine when I'm out on the bike but I'm currently trying to use it indoors on the turbo and it just won't work. The heart rate monitor is picked up by the unit and paired together but then no bpm's display on the edge. I've tried restarting etc, doesn't seem to be much on the internet with same problem. Bit annoying.

Any advice welcome.


  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    It shouldn't make any difference if you're out on the bike or indoors - mine certainly doesn't.

    FWIW, troubleshooting - I tend to unpair the device & re-pair it. After that I'd replace the HRM battery, after that then the Garmin would be reset.
  • petecopeteco Posts: 178
    Some sort of electrical interference close by ?

  • What are you wearing? I've founf the Garmins very sensitive to static ie loose jerseys. Try it without a top which on a turbo you'd be doing any way?
  • edtenedten Posts: 228
    have you tried wetting the sensors where in contact with the body. If dry they often don't perform that well.
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