First go in hebden bridge

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I went to my brothers who lives in Colden in Hebden, and hes quite into MTB, ive just started to get back into it after 5 year break and im fatter :)

We started up in colden and sped down and past the New Delight Pub, up the hairpin rds, and then cut a left past some houses.

now taking into mind im new to all this, What id call suicidal downhill my brother took me down some of these routes, he was on an Orange Blood me a Santa Cruz Solo ( 5010) well I,ll be honest some of the downhills were like 1in 3 and I could barely walk down never mind ride. I did have a crack at them all though learning the hard way down mossy steps with mud on. We made it to the Steel bridge where we practiced steps and things, then trundled up to Studley Pike. By this time I was feeling it as im not fit, My bro rides with Ed Oxley and a few of the good riders from that area, so I felt in good hands.

We then dropped down the front of studley pike, even that first bit to me made my arse twitch, I didn't dare do the channel section that looked like smashed face waiting to happen. but I made it most of the way, he has the advantage of knowing where to place his bike, being new I was a bit weary..

All in all a good day, and hats off to all you nutters that do what he does, he seemd to sail across it all, where me I just thought nutter.

Today my arms actually hurt for the first time from gripping too hard LOL, but what an area to bike,