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Helping shed mud

MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
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I just went out for a good evening ride, and came back unsure of my newest experience. I normally took this bike out in the fields when it was fairly dry and it was great fun, but this ride has seen lots of rain and is now an absolute mudfest. Leaves and mud kept getting clogged between the tyre and the top of the forks, and made it nearly unrideable after only 10-20 metres if I didn't clear it. Is there any gadget or neoprene thing I can put on the back of the forks that will clear mud off the wheel preventing it from building up?

My bike is a old road frame that I have converted with some cross tyre and gone single speed on. Perhaps the clearances on the front forks just simply aren't large enough, and nothing will fix it. If so, does anyone sell a 1 inch threaded forks that are cyclocross specific and won't clog up?

The back was fine the entire time, so I don't need to worry there.


  • bobleybobley Posts: 60
    You can buy these things now...

    ... I've got the MTB version but its not for clearing mud, just stopping it splashing you in the face. It makes the problem worse if anything.

    What tyre are you running? It sounds like you need a more open tread and then give the forks a wipe over with a bit of silicon bike spray carefully avoiding the rims.

    Otherwise is this the sort of fork you need? ... wwodMSEAoQ
  • Thanks for the reply bobley. Will the silicone spray be available in most bike shops? If so, i'll grab a bit later today. I'm not sure what tyres i'm running but they are continental, i'll have to check once I get out in the garage this afternoon.

    I'm leaning more towards the side that I possibly put the front tyre on backwards, so rather than pushing the mud away it was bringing it into the forks. I'm going to give it a try this evening and see if it is any better.
  • bobleybobley Posts: 60
    This is sort of spray I use. Its pretty common.. ... yId_228374

    One of these tyres would throw off mud well at this time of year. I've just switched to something similar. The 30mm Michelin is pretty narrow though and might fit in a generous road fork. ... tAodKFwACA
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    If you've got a caliper-type brake, then it simply acts as a mud-collector - try Retrobike to see if you can find a 1" fork for cantis
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Pictures would be really helpful.
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