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New brake... disc time

richardrenshawrichardrenshaw Posts: 32
edited November 2013 in Commuting general

Couple of weeks back in heavy rain my brakes stopped working (at all) on my way home. Safe to say it scared the poopy out of me, so I'm going to install a disc brake on the front. I already have a disc compatible fork to throw on and a suitable wheel. So, just looking at calipers...

There's quite a few out there, but with lots of varying reviews!

I've got a few in mind but not sure which way to go, considering I just use this for getting to work and back. Currently using 23 tyres, sothat could be a consideration, don't want to be locking up the front!

My shortlist
TRP HYRD: Expensive, Possibly best performer, overkill for my needs?
Avid bb7's: Good performer, seems ot be the golden child of current mech disc brakes?
TRP Spyre: Good performer, on par with BB7's easier to set up / maintain?

possibly, but put off by reviews..

Tektro Lyra

I'm leaning towards the TRP spyre's but not sure? Also considering 140mm disc's over 160's considering I'm on 700 x 23c slicks?

Anyone gone this way and can provide some wisdom? Anything will be much appreciated ;-)


  • davisdavis Posts: 2,566
    I'd probably go for the TRPs too, but only based on reviews. I've got the BB7s but I don't think they're fantastic; miles better than rim brakes in the wet, but not great compared to my hydro Shimano XTs on the MTB (which are simply superb). I'm not a massive fan of the single piston of the BB7s.

    I'd also go for the smaller rotors because it's more than you need to lock a wheel up, which is too much braking. You only need bigger rotors if you're doing repeated heavy braking like say... MTBing. Slowing a road bike down is not going to generate the kind of load that warrants bigger rotors, even when pulling an emergency stop ('cos if you lock the wheel up you've gone beyond maximum useful braking, and just about any brake can lock a wheel).

    So, TRPs (HYRD if you feel flush) and 140mm rotors is plenty.
    Sometimes parts break. Sometimes you crash. Sometimes it’s your fault.
  • Thanks for the advice ;-)

    Putting my order in tonight for a TRP Spyre, still not decided if I'm gonna go for the 160 or 140 though... meh.

    Anyone know if I can beat the price of 62.99 @ Merlins cycles? (also get 3% cashback via quidco..)

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