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Top Bar Storage Pouch

Pepperoni ManPepperoni Man Posts: 41
edited November 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi All

Thinking of investing in a top bar storage pouch, one of those that sits on top of the bar just behind the handlebars. Just not sure how good they are and which model to go for. ideally I'd probably want one of those that has a transparent phone compartment in the top part but this isn't essential

Anybody got any experience of them that they can pass on, how secure they are, do they slide off the top of the bar to one side, do they effect the cables running under the bar etc



  • Those are against the rules!
  • Those are against the rules!

    Lol - ok - I seem to be falling foul of cycling etiquette!!!
  • I have a top peak one that attaches behind the stem/steerer, yours for a fiver plus postage
  • Cheers - I may take you up on that if I decide to get one
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Put one of those bento boxes on your bike and you'll be mistaken for a tri-geek, you'll bore your ride mates senseless about how many hours training you do and your bike handling will go to pot ;-)
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    ... and your bike will increase in value, far exceeding your talent.
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  • Those are against the rules!

    Lol - ok - I seem to be falling foul of cycling etiquette!!!

    Just get some panniers.
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  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    Interesting post, didn't know these things existed :shock:

    Just ordered the Deuter Energy bag from Wiggle, looks pretty good for £10.79 :D

    Rules are to be broken !!
    He is not the messiah, he is a very naughty boy !!
  • OK.......I'm unsurprisingly veering away from this as an idea :P

    Just to be clear I'm talking about a very small bag that sits on the top tube not one of those modern versions of the wicker basket!!

    Something like this I am (was) thinking about ... _sbs_sg_45
  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,244
    gaaaaah! my eyes! my eyes!
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    You may get more luck in the commuter section.
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  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    why do you want one? how much censored do you plan to carry?
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  • dabberdabber Posts: 1,869
    As I couldn't give a stuff about "The Rules" I've got one of these in which I carry: spare tube, multitool,tyre levers and a missing link.
    I started using it because I was unhappy that my previous underseat bag rubbed my bibshorts.
    This Topeak one works OK... not perfect but doesn't slip or interfere with cables.
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