Campsie Hill vs Dukes Road

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After a challenge 30 miles this morning I made it up the Crow road to the Car Park in the clouds (Campsie Fells, just of Glasgow). It was tough, I stopped once but made it after 14 minutes of grinding it out (Strava segment is GGCC Hill Climb - 1.6 miles, avg grade 6%).

I'm pleased I made it.

But how does this climb compare to The Dukes Pass? Harder, shorter, longer - could I make it is the question?

Over to the experts.......
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    Crow Road is definitely harder than the Duke's Pass IMO - in my formative club riding days from Glasgow, the Crow Road was the 'daddy'. After a gap of 20 years, I rode both again on the same 100-mile ride a few years ago - it's the length of the Crow Road and often the howling headwind that hit's you head-on as you pass the car park / viewpoint.
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    I did the Crow Road a couple of months ago for my first time, not fast as I was cycling to my mates house in Stirling and back to Glasgow the same day so I didn't want to bonk. Really enjoyed it and it wasn't as tough as I was expecting, I just went into the granny gears and churned away at the pedals.

    The following week I did the Tak Ma Doon over the Crow and that was great fun, the rain started when I was going through Kirkintilloch so by the time I reached the Tak it was decidedly wet and when I got out the saddle the back wheel was spinning all over the place. The biggest shock for me was the ford crossing the road on the way down, if I hadn't braked hard I could have come a cropper on that.
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    Just back from my second climb up the Crow Road, this time on the single speed and I whacked almost 4 minutes off my previous time

    My first attempt was 14m 39s on a geared bike (I was taking it easy as I had a 75 mile round trip that day) and today I managed it in 10m 46s on the single speed

    Makes me wonder if I should sell the geared bike and stick with the single speed :shock: :wink:

    According to Garmin today I cycled 37.49 miles with 2409 feet of elevation
    My weeks total 139.58 miles and 6959 feet of elevation all on the single speed


  • I'd agree that the crow road is definitely harder than the duke's pass.

    The duke's pass is probably harder at the start (if climbing out of Aberfoyle) but it doesn't last long before it flattens out a bit.
  • I think the Tak ma Doon (from Kilsyth) is harder than both - I certainly couldnt get up that on a singlespeed thats for sure!

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    I think the Tak ma Doon (from Kilsyth) is harder than both - I certainly couldnt get up that on a singlespeed thats for sure!


    That's my next challenge, I will need to get some more miles in first though :shock: :wink:
  • I'm planning my first go at Duke's Pass for my next long ride. Done the Crow Road car park a few times and once all the way over, found the section past the car park up to the border easier to be honest. Didn't like the descent to Fintry especially right at the bottom where there is a nasty hairpin bend.
    The plan is to do both so I can go the scenic way to Aberfoyle rather than the A road. This may mean I am a wee bit tired before I get there. ;-)