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Planet X Carbon

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My first "road bike" (altho' I dislike the term being synomous with what I'd call a replica racing bike - ALL bikes are road bikes) for probably 8 years. Cheap as chips - bought on here less the expensive 'bars it was wearing to keep price down and replaced with cheapo Eastons). Easton EC90 SLX forks - fine for my 120 lbs. No doubt could easily be made a lot lighter - but at some 15lbs below what I've been riding for last 15 mths or so it feels like a feather!

Just over half a grand and probably the second smoothest bike I've had - second only to a 16lb TCR carbon, but then that cost me 1600 quid to put together from mainly second hand parts 9 years ago!

Starting from only a grand the new ones must surely be an absolute bargain! And, no, no connections..

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  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    When I bought this last October I wasn't sure whether or not my health would let me ride it - but actually managed a total of 600 miles so far! Treated it to a new (to me that is) carbon post and SLR saddle and 105 brakes (for the black rather than silver Tiagras). Still stands me at only £575, a bargain I think for what is a very comfy ride!


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