Power-torque vs Ultra-torque BB - same thing?

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I ordered some power-torque outboard cups but the shop sent me record ultra-torque. To me they look identical, but they are marked 'ultra-torque only', which must mean something, right? So is there any difference between ultra-torque and power- torque bb cups and bearings? Can you use an ultra torque BB with power torque cranks?

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  • You can't use the ones you were sent unfortunately. If you can't return them I have PT bb cups bnib you can have for v cheap. Same thing happened to me in reverse.
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    Very different the P-T cups have the NDS bearing pressed in the cup and the bearing are different. U-T cups have not bearings in them. You will need new bearings for U-T cranks if you are replacing them.

    You hould be able to reurn them at there cost if it is there mistake.
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