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Squeaking Novatec hub

matt@theforce[email protected] Posts: 647
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Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed a squeak appear from my front wheel when riding, I only does it when riding not when the wheel is spun in the workstand.

The front hub is a Novatec D351SB & covered over 2000miles, alot of xc wet/gritty miles. I've done a quick google trying to find somewhere who sells the bearings but not found anywhere.

Does anyone have any pointers on where I can get some? I will probably also replace my rear wheel bearings at the same time (D812SB), while they are fine at the minute a bit of preventative maintenance never hurts.



  • tgotbtgotb Posts: 4,714
    Novatec use standard bearings, so you can just order from someone like SimplyBearings. The part numbers should be written on the existing bearings. For example I have a 609 2RS on my desk, which probably came out of a Novatec hub. 609 defines the size and 2RS means 2 rubber seals (which is what you'll want).

    You can also get more life out of sketchy bearings by prising off the seal with a scalpel, flushing through with something like GT-85 and then regreasing (and replacing the seal). Not as good as replacing them, but can be quite handy when you need them sorted in a hurry and don't have any spares available.

    Edit: You'll find there's a range of qualities available. Bearings from someone like SKF probably have better seals (and may be manufactured to higher tolerances); my suspicion is that Novatec use the cheap ones...
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