Bont moulding

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Hi lads I've ordered some bont vaypour a and so say u put them in the oven for 20 mins at 60c I think it is now the lowest temp on my oven is 100 so what do I do any ideas lads?? Or any experience with that??


  • -Time how long your oven takes before it reaches said temperature of 100C.
    -dont put in shoe(beds).
    -let the oven cool down.
    -put in shoe(beds)
    -turn oven on
    -turn the oven off before it reaches set temperature.
    lets say half way or max 3/4 of the time it takes to reach 100C.
    -leave the shoes(oles) in for a minute. the oven will retain the temperature for a bit.
    -check after a few minutes and try if shoe(beds) adapts to the shape of your foot while fitting them.

    thats it.

    have had experience with fizik/shimano mouldable soles and footbeds.
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    ...or given the cost of a pair of bonts and the cost of an oven thermometer, buy an oven thermometer!
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    The shoes need to be in the oven for 20 minutes at 70c/160F - so if your oven can't do that, then you really do need to find one that will. The other alternative is potentially binning a pair of £200+ shoes..
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    +1 what schweiz says. Most oven dials are inaccurate. Tesco oven thermometer cost me £1.99. My oven turns on straight away, it's only the marking that starts at 100.

    As another hint, follow the video on Bont's site or You Tube vid for moulding, here:

    The only thing I would add though would be to lay an old dish cloth on the rack instead of directly on the metal
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