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Setting up Shimano SPD-SL Blue Cleats

buckmulliganbuckmulligan Posts: 1,031
edited November 2013 in Road general
After knackering my old cleats, I decided to give the blue 2 degree float Shimano SPD-SL cleats a try rather than simply replacing my old yellow 6 degree ones (my creaky ankles don't like twisting that much to unclip these days!). I've got them positioned exactly the same as the old yellow ones (can see quite clear marks on the soles of the shoes) and whilst my left foot is absolutely fine, the right doesn't want to stay clipped in. It feels as though it's engaging properly but then after a few pedal revs and it'll limply pop out. I've had a play around with the angle and positioning of the new blue cleat but to no avail.

The pedals (105 5700s) and shoes all look fine and they were working fine with my old cleats. At the moment I've had to ratchet up the tension on the pedals quite high to keep it clipped in, but I'd rather that wasn't a permanent solution.

Any advice?


  • have you tried the cleats on oppposite pedals? would eliminate the off chance of a dodgy cleat/pedal. Although it does sound as if your foot is twisting.
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