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My son Firstbike

IgdaevoIgdaevo Posts: 2
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Hi, my son has been struggling to ride a bike all summer long, I was looking for good bikes for children and I found this page , they got a quite positive evaluation, any comment about their bikes?


  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 3,976
    Not heard of that brand.

    Key consideration when buying a balance bike is firstly standover height and secondly weight. My daughter had her balance bike when she was 2 and quite small for he age. Lowest seat height I found was on the Strider Bike so I went for one of those. Islabikes are nice and so are the lovely wooden Early Rider bikes.
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  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    FirstBike were one of the first balance bikes out there - after Like-a-Bike.

    They're a great option for kindergartens, toy libraries etc as they need no tools to adjust the saddle height. They also have non-pneumatic tyres, and are generally pretty-much unbreakable. I rate them highly, but yes, saddle height is not as low as some, which will prevent them starting early.

    (My girls had generic wooden ones, and were well over 3yo before they started - largely because of saddle height - they need to be able to be flat-footed in the saddle).
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