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Any one out there got a Neil Pryde Alize. I'm very tempted to buy one, but would like some feedback from someone who has ridden one.


  • Loads of Neil Pryde bikes on the roads of Hong Kong (NP is a HK based company). My friends who have the Alize say it's a fantastic bike along with the rest of the NP range. United Healthcare pro team have been riding them last year, so they can't be bad.
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  • I've got 2013 Alize frameset (PF30).

    It's very stiff. I find Alize accelerates easily without flex.

    Reviews say they are comfortable, I'm not sure how Alize compares with the others as I have ridden CAAD10 only. The geometries are not as aggressive as the Dale tho.

    One thing I find very odd for 2013 model is the exit point of rear derailleur at the chain stay. The exit points directly at the rear wheel quick release skewer. As a result the cable outer case is bent outward. Not a deal breaker, and it may or may not happen on the 2014 model.

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