11 speed chain ring on 10 ring setup

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Currently running a campy Veloce 10spd groupset. The big chainring has worn out and needs replaced, can I use a 11 speed chain ring with no problems? Anyone done this? Cheers guys


  • Gazzetta67
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    Hi. I have used a Campag 11 speed chorus chainset for the last 3 years with a 10 speed block & rear mech with no problem at all, Everything was all new tho i dont know if a new chainset/old cassette or vice versa would cause the chain to jump. I reckon it would be fine and no doubt there will be more replies on here to help you out.cheers.
  • On my old bike with a 10 speed Veloce groupset I upgraded my Miche chaninset to an Athena 11 speed, and it worked perfectly. Probably worked better than the original, certainly looked better.