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Scott S50 2011 & Giant Talon 2012 stolen Southfields/Putney

robturfrobturf Posts: 4
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Two bikes have been stolen from a secure garage in Whitelands Crescent off of Sutherland Grove, it is believed to have happened yesterday evening before 6pm (12/11/2013).

The two bikes are as follows;

** Scott S50 flat bar black and white (2011), it recently had a very small amount of damage to the seat (2 small 1cm chunks of foam from the rear of the seat) but otherwise was as standard.

**Giant Talon 2012 womens mountain bike white with blue decals, it currently has slick road tyres on instead of the normal chunky off-road style, possible that a pink mac is hanging on the bike (unless this has been dumped).

The bikes in question were inside an underground carpark, temporarily chained to the outside of the bike cage. The thieves sawed through thick wooden slats to gain access to the garage and then cut through the fencing of the cage (possibly with bolt clippers?). It is suspected that 3 youths were involved, and the people would have been carrying tools.

The two bikes were also locked together so they would have been dragged away.

If anyone sees anything along the lines of these bikes up for sale, or lives in that area and saw anything suspicious or them locked up somewhere please message and let us know,


Rob and Krissi
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