Strange knocking noise

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Hi lads need your advice when I get out off the saddle and pedal hard and the action off leaning from side to side there is like a knocking or banging type noise which sounds like it coming from the front end any ideas on that lads?? I'm quite a big lad 17 stone that prob don't help any ideas???


  • First things I would run through are checking both wheels are tight enough, and the headset properly adjusted.

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    I'd check that your wheel/rim isn't catching something.
    I had similar, it was down to wheel flex and the spoke magnet was catching on the Garmin sensor. There was a 3mm gap but those RS80s seem to flex a lot when you're out of the saddle.
  • It might be wheel flex as like I say I'm quite a heavy lad 6ft tall and 17 stone and my wheels are mavic with blade spokes would that make a dif?? It sounds to me like it's coming from the front it's only when I rock from side to side when heavily pedaling
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    Have you checked for play in the bottom bracket? I had similar and it was the bb on its way out ever so slight play in the cranks when rocked but when pedalling it intensified. Thanks Andy
  • how do i know if my wheels are tight enough cheers
  • i dont think its the bottom bracket ive only ridden about 500miles on the bike its less than a yr old
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    Whufcrule wrote:
    i dont think its the bottom bracket ive only ridden about 500miles on the bike its less than a yr old

    I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility just on that basis alone.
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    I had a similar noise, and it was resolved by adding more carbon paste on the seatpost.
  • bearings in the headset?
  • What bike do you ride with what BB ?

    It sounds exactly the same as the problem I had on my Caad8 with BB30. I was convinced it was coming from the front of the bike but it was in fact the BB. Mine started knocking after about 400 miles and progressively got worse. My LBS sorted it with a spacer but the problem has never really gone away.
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