Sora Left Hand Lever

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Have had this problem happen a couple of times now and it is very inconvenient.
When on the big ring and approaching a hill, I want to change down onto the small ring, to do this I need to 'click' down the small black 'button' on the front left lever. But I find that the button does not move it just feels solid.
As I am approaching a hill this means I stay on the big cog until I grind up the hill or stop.

When stopped I usually have a fiddle with the lever ie. pull back brake lever try and jiggle the button lever etc. and hey presto the button suddenly starts working.

It feels as though something is jamming inside the lever mechanism under the hood. I have had a good look and sprayed a bit of WD40 in the hood but nothing seems to be wrong.

It is very frustrating. The bike is only two years old has been well maintained is on original inner and outer cables and the front derailleur is well adjusted and changes extremely well when the lever allows it.

Has any one else experienced this problem, and if so how did they overcome it ?


  • Sora groupsets, whilst being the entry level set are pretty good and reliable. You say that the original cables are still being used, I would start there as that is the cheapest part to replace get the best cables you can afford, inner and outer. Don't use WD40 anywhere near the shifter, it's a degreaser and has more than likely just removed the lubricant from the moving parts of your shifter. Remove the cable from the front mech and see what the spring tension is like, you could have grit in the moving parts stopping it from moving freely.