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Opinions on B'twin Mistigirl

ashleypilbrowashleypilbrow Posts: 4
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I'm looking to get my girls bikes for Christmas. They are aged 8 and nearly 7. We do not ride far but I'm hoping that is about to change a little. I am aware (thanks to forums such as this) that if I had the money I should be looking at Islabikes Beinn 20s, Specialized Hotrocks etc, however I have a budget of £150 each. I am considering second-hand purchases of the above but I'm afraid a 2nd hand bike may lack the 'wow' factor required at Christmas. I know that's shallow but it's important to kids. I've also spotted brand new Ridgeback Harmonys available for £159 in a clearance deal which seems tempting.
I do want opinions on the B'Twin Mistigirl, however. I know the adult Rockriders are considered to be about the cheapest bikes around that are not considered BSOs so I thought their kids bikes could be worth a look. They weigh 11.5kg which is similar to all bikes of this size except the Islabikes but I can't find many reviews. Please help!! Are these any good or would I be much better off with the Ridgeback? Thank you! ... irl-3.html ... irl-5.html


  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    I've certainly seen worse geo, although I think it would be better if the saddle could go lower.

    That weight isn't great... but again, not as bad as some either. Others may be able to comment better on components etc etc.
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