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Anyone here used Parabox?

tgotbtgotb Posts: 4,714
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Interested in any opinions people have from using the Parabox system. Quite like the idea of trying hydraulics, mostly for the self-adjustment feature, and have been hearing that the HY/RDs are not quite there in this respect. I can live with Parabox being a pain to set up, cost's not an issue as I've found a cheap set, just wondering what it's like to ride with?
Pannier, 120rpm.


  • I have tried the Hope equivalent, which is supposed to be better... took an instant hate... it was either badly setup or it's just nothing special. The travel was close to zero, but that can be adjusted probably. the feel was wooden, same as a cheap cable set as opposed to the luxurious feel of a nice MTB hydraulics.
    Put me off completely the concept of cable/hydro conversions
  • Considering the nature of the Parabox system it would not surprise me that they are not very good. It just stands to reason due to being a cable/hydro adaptor.
  • Well I'm on HY/RDs and they are very good indeed. Been racing them in the rain and no problems since i swapped to sintered pads. Hope V-twin has almost no lever movement so didn't like this at all. Haven't used the Parabox.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    TRP HyRds render the Parabox obsolete - plus you have difficultly fitting if you run a slammed stem
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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