SRAM Red compatibility with Trigger Shifters

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Does anyone know if I can use a Red front and rear derailleur with SRAM trigger shifters (X0, XX, etc.)? Is the pull ratio the same as per the Red shifters?


  • Does it have to be XO etc: a friend has Red on his bybrid with SRAM trigger shifters so yes, it can work.
  • Thanks for the reply. Sounds positive. I have tried this before, with Shimano XT shifters married to 105. The front derailleur wasn't a problem and the rear worked okay in cogs 1-7 but didn't when shifting 8-10 (IIRC - the chain would jump two cogs per click).

    I'll see if the guys at SRAM can give me a definitive answer.

  • Let me ping the dude a mail and see what he comes back with re makes etc.
  • I sent an email to the SRAM Tech Centre regarding my question and received the following response:

    Any SRAM 10 speed derailleur will work with any SRAM 10 speed shifter, regardless if it is road or mountain components. They have the same pull ratio.

    So, my plan to build a hybrid with Red and trigger shifters is still alive....
  • Oh yeah - it'll work fine.

    The dude bought a Planet X pro Carbon with full Red for a grand, took the drops, stem and shifters off and gave them to me, fitted carbon straight bars with built in stem and trigger changers and uses it as a commuter.

    Cost nothing for the spec it is - weighs nothing, rides lovely, looks innocuous so thieving gits won't have it away.

    Job jobbed.