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I currently have a Specialized Wireless Speedzone computer on my handlebars which takes my speed via a sensor on my fork detecting the passing of a magnet on the spokes. All very standard. I have recently got more focussed with my training and started to use the 4iiii Sportiiiis product for real time HRM.

I am now looking to increase the latter device's funtionality and purchased the 4iiii Riiiide (http://4iiii.com/products-bike-sensor/). The idea was to keep the Specialized unit for the simple time and distance covered whilst use audio/LED display to continue real time data.

Quick question - is there a way of knowing whether the Speedzone will pick up the Ant+ data transmitted from the Riiiide cadence/speed sensor or will I need magnets on both rear and front wheels?


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    ideally you'd be able to check at...


    ...but specialzed haven't provided their device details

    ant+ devices use 'profiles' to communicate specific types of data

    from experience, not all bike computers support the profile for combined cadence+speed typically used by these sensors, you'll need to try it and see
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