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Hey guys I'm really struggling finding my first road bike i have a budget of about £600 would push to £700 if it was worth it. I'm going to be using the bike for commuting and fitness mainly. The current bikes I'm looking at are: ... exclusive/ ... 833/56806/ ... d-bike1234 ... d-bike1234

Any other suggestions welcome I'm also thinking for getting the 2014 secteur for comfort.


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    Btwin triban 7 has very good spec and good reviews for the price also mekk pinerolo from wiggle gets good reviews
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    The mekk pinerrolo don't have my size but the btwin looks nice but wouldn't i be getting a better deal with the felt for example with the sale?
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    But consider the fit if you can, comfort and liking the look of the bike counts for more than a bargain.
    But I do like the felt.
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    I don't know any good local bike shops to get fitted plus I'm guessing it would cost more. Pretty neutral about the looks only bike i really like the look are the blue bianchi's
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    Bump Hi guys I went out and found some local bike shops and I landed on two bikes that i liked the Merida Ride 93 for £800 and the Focus Culebro SL 2.0 £800 they both fit pretty nice and was just wondering about other peoples opinions on these two bikes.

    Links to bikes: ... #chapter-1
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    Have rode the Merida Ride Lite 94 quite a lot (brothers winter bike). I'm guessing this is the same frame but with Tiagra rather than 105 groupset.
    The merida is a very good ride, all depends on what geometry suits you best. I actually found the Merida more relaxed than my Domane.
    The focus looks good though and i know a lot of people who are very happy with their carbon focus rides.
  • Have a look at Sab on the Planet X site. They look really nice. What they ride like, I have no idea.