Where to ride in West London

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I'm a fully fledged mountain bike rider.

However I have just moved from South Wales to London for a new job.
With the new job I have bought a road bike to keep the pounds off between trips back to Wales for muddy fun.

However I have no idea where to ride this bike. I'm looking to ride 30-50 miles and want to avoid major roads and near death experiences. Ideally I want to be riding in the countryside or as close as. I live in Chiswick, W4.

Can anyone suggest any routes or places to head for?

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    For local spins, Richmond park - cycling Mecca. Can be very busy at the weekends, but still all good fun. A nice lap has a few lumps and bumps. 3 laps is 20 miles roughly speaking.

    You will see everything from super sleek TT rigs to wobbly beginners on hybrids.

    I have just moved from Chiswick, to richmond.

    For longer runs, head to the surrey hills.
  • Check out the Twickenham CC website. We have a few different length routes that take you into the Surrey hills with different lengths, you just need to get from Chiswick to Twickenham which is easy. Or you could pop along to our club rides if you you fancy meeting like minded people. Have a look here http://www.twickenhamcc.co.uk/tcc/club-rides/
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    Esher, Effingham, Box hill and back would be a good run... .