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Felt Z85 vs Z5

joeg478joeg478 Posts: 4
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Felt Z85 (2013) - carbon fork only, Shimano 105s - $1215 on sale
Felt Z5 (2013) - carbon frame, Shimano Tiagra - $1399 on sale

This would be my first road bike and I'm wondering if spending the extra money for the carbon frame is worth the sacrifice in components or if the difference in frames isn't enough to outweigh the component benefits?

I've heard I should stay away from "cheap" carbon as it's not always lighter and it won't be stiff enough (ie: poor performance and boring to ride), does anyone know if the Z5 falls in the category of "cheap" carbon?

Thanks for the help!


  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,426
    Cheap carbon is a fallacy IMO, many carbon frames from small brands and large brands are from the same factories in China and Taiwan.
    The smaller brands do not have the mark up of larger brands or the marketing hence cheaper and therefore people think they are inferior when they are not.
    Go and ride the bikes then buy the one you like the most. :)
  • Thanks. I've already given them a ride and am just trying to see what I will like better in the long run carbon frame or 105s....Since you discount the myth of cheap carbon, what do you think is better long term, 105s or carbon?
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,426
    It is easier to upgrade components than the frame, having said that there is nothing wrong with alu frames.
    It seems some people buy alu then wish they had bought carbon. Go with the one you like best, my choice would be carbon and upgrade components later if need be.
    If you google it you will find out some of the major brand frames that are of Far Eastern origin, the reliability of any frame is in how good the quality control is in the manufacture IMO.
  • That's the way I was leaning (carbon and upgrade components later), thanks for the help/insight.
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,426
    Enjoy which ever one you get.
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