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wheel nuts - how tight?

3b4bikes3b4bikes Posts: 40
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Just got myself a single speed bike and having been used to QR wheels I'm not sure about how much to tighten axle
nuts. Nicely snug, tight as possible or should I use torque wrench?


  • Defo not as tight as possible but quite snug when using a 8" or 10" wrench. People tend to over-tighten stem bolts and pedals but wheel nuts, esp rears in horizontal dropout, need a fair bit of arm strength. More if you have a used bike where the dropouts are already scored by slippage.

    Watch that you don't bind the rear hub bearings, that's a sign things are too tight.

    I swap between sides to avoid the dreaded axle travel. Using the other hand to hold the wheel together with the seatube or chainstay helps to keep it centered.
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