Does the Garmin 500/510 do training programs?

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Hi all!

I've agreed to try the Raid Alpine in 2014. I have bought a turbo trainer to help me train through the winter and my next cycling purchase will be a proper cycling computer instead of my phone!

I was all set to buy the Bryton Rider 40T as I like to be different (hence why I didn't just go for the obvious Garmin) but also I liked the training programs offered by the Bryton which I could follow on my turbo. After having read a few disgruntled Bryton reviews on here I have been put off but I still like the idea of the training programs.

Does anyone know if the Garmin 500 or 510 do similar? Can you upload training programs to them? What is the general opinion on which is better the 500 or 510?



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    Yes, you can create workouts on the Garmin Connect website and upload them to your device. Create a free account on Garmin Connect and have a play with the feature. You can actually, create the workouts on the device (or Garmin Training Centre software), but its easier to use the web interface.
  • Thanks for the advice guys. I was tempted by the advert of

    'Rider 40 is pre-loaded with 4 sets of FTP (Functional Threshold Power), MHR (Maximum Heart Rate), LTHR (Lactate Threshold Heart Rate) and MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power) training courses. 7 pre-loaded workout courses are also provided for your training: Easy Ride, Tempo Interval, Cruise Internal, Time Trial Interval, Anaerobic-endurance Interval, Power it up and 100% MAP Intervals'

    But if I can do that on the Garmin then I'll just do that!
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    I've covered many thousands of miles using a Bryton 40 and it hasn't skipped a beat. My only complaint about Bryton is intermittent support but the unit has been fine and it is a rather nicer object than a Garmin 500. I've not made much use of the training functions on the unit mainly because it isn't flat enough round here to include them easily but they are quite well done (various indicators and beeps to tell you if you are going off track etc) and irrc you can programme your own routines as well. No idea if the Garmins can do it though little excuse for them not to! Whether that justifies it over a Garmin is another matter - I'm torn between my dislike of Garmin in general and Brytons erratic attitude to support.
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