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Pinprick in new Nobby Nic - replace now?

MombeeMombee Posts: 170
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I'm just fitting some brand new Nobby Nic's, but one has a pin-censored hole in the sidewall... do I send it back or just let Stan's do it's work? I'm leaning towards the former, in case the hole is a symptom of a bigger issue with the tyre... or am I just paranoid?? Cheers. ... more than just bikes.
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    They often have dozens of small holes. That's what you don't get with UST, but they weigh a ton.
  • I run 'normal' Nobbly Nics in a tubeless set-up and they always leak a bit from the sidewall when you first pump them up. I find that once the Stans fluid gets swilled around a few times they soon seal up and I never have any more problems.
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  • shindigshindig Posts: 173
    I find if I clean the inside of the tyre with brake cleaner first, it seals better. Gets rid of any residue left over from the mould. There is a technical name for the residue , can't recall what it is , but it prevents the sealant sticking to the tyre.
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