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im looking for a really nice value roadrace bike. dont care about brand, but something light, aerodynamic and stiff.
my budget is limited to about 2k €. a bit more with the right arguements.
i bought a trek madone 5.2, but it was damaged during transport :(
im looking for alternates, im 172cm tall, 78 leg length, and my back flexibility isnt the best.

thanks in advance, cheers from denmark!


  • If you dont care about the brand and you pay more interest as to what components go on your bike, instead of the name thats on it, then with a £1680 budget, that would get you a corking build from the likes of Ribble or Dolan.....
    Ribble Ultralite Racing 7005, Campagnolo Veloce groupset, Campagnolo Khamsin G3 wheel set
  • I agree with the above. I looked Ribble, Dolan and Canyon before eventually choosing a Ribble R872, just waiting for it to be delivered. 11 speed Campag Athena groupset, Campag Zonda wheels and Deda finishing kit for under £1700.
  • Canyon would be the ones to go for if you want the lightest out of the names suggested so far. Ribble and Dolan frames are on the heavy side. ... ab-reiter2

    they have a outlet section too........ ... e#A1032313
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    Dolan Tuono is a light bike with the right spec (6.58kg with Sram Red) or Canyon CF SL range.
  • i really like that tuono bike from dolan, how much will it weight with sram force and rest default setting? good price too.

    what about rose? good price, and rep from what ive been told. ... plate=true

    so far im leaning towards the dolan, light, cool and good price considering the components.
    what do you say?
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    I recently bought one of these; :)

    Really it's a Ridley Helium. Wheels are rubbish obviously, & for the photo they've wierdly cut down the seat tube, actually it's longer. I managed 780mm from BB centre to top of saddle on a small, uncut with spacers. You would most likely need a medium. If you get in contact with wiggle you can check the all important bb to saddle height, the size description lacks in clarity.

    The frame, groupset & rotor cranks are unbelievable value.
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    I think the difference is about 180gm for the full groupset inc brakes, read the reviews and check which wheels they are running as the standard wheels are quite heavy so an upgrade might push you over budget.
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    Only heard good things about Rose products and customer service, owners seem to love the bikes and they do look nice. :)
  • I found a really good offer.
    De rosa Merak Evolution 2013 with sram red and racing5 wheels for 2.100£
    Really looking forward for it to arrieve!
  • Photos when it arrives dude, the bike sounds mega :)
    Ribble Ultralite Racing 7005, Campagnolo Veloce groupset, Campagnolo Khamsin G3 wheel set
  • Finally it arrived!!
    Its one good looking bike, im going to post pics in Your Road Bike-forumtab, later in the afternoon.
    So excited to take it for a spin!