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nothing to say

dave02dave02 Posts: 325
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I was just thinking, :!: . ived stopped now. anyway i was riding along minding my own bis, the sun was up and behind me, a movement on my left made me jump, i swerved to my right to miss it and ran into the guy as he passed me on his bike, i was so surprised that i stopped as he kept on going, he said nothing i said nothing we both said nothing.
i felt such a prat, so if you are the one sorry, :(


  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Interesting... Happened to me rather like that and I ended on the floor and considerably damaged..
  • dave02dave02 Posts: 325
    just told my wife what i was writing, she said" he should have rung his BELL and it was his fault", i said your right, she said "i know", she usually is, whats the word in the bracket about bells and things on bars to let others know your on their tail. (not in the biblical sense) :lol:
  • I agree. Completely.
  • dave02dave02 Posts: 325
    what you got and how big is it, mine dosnt tringgggg, its small and just goes 'Bing' when you flick it :!: :shock:
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