Mavic Ksyrium Elite Spokes

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Hi, looking for some advice on spoke replacement.

My pal ran into the back of me at low speed on Sunday, and appears to have damaged 1 spoke on his Elites. The rim is very slightly out of true (<1mm wobble), but no significant loss off spoke tension that I can see.

LBS has told him he needs to replace all the spokes to have the wheel properly trued, at a cost of £70
I know very little about the mechanics of wheel trueing, but that seems a bit excessive, given the limited apparent damage.

can anyone offer a perspective, or advice?

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  • Maybe because the spokes are seized?
    If they can be turned freely in the nipple there is no need for such drastic action... if they can't then the shop is probably right and at least all the nipples need to be replaced, which in turn menas the spokes too if they are seized
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  • Thanks ugo - the wheels are less than six months old, and as far as I know have only covered a few hundred dry miles, so I wouldn't have expected them to have seized.
    "Get a bicycle. You won't regret it if you live"
    Mark Twain
  • I have these wheels on both bikes. Would it be worth a tiny drop of 3 in 1 oil on each of the nipples to help protect them. In the main mine have only had dry use but prevention is better than cure IMHO - thoughts ?
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