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Track taster session

neilrobinsneilrobins Posts: 102
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After the successes of this weekend at Manchester I have had some requests within my club to organise a taster session at Manchester.
There will be anything between 16 and 40 people (dependent on day of week) of mixed ages and abilities although all regular cyclists.
We all will have helmets, pedals and shoes but will need to hire bikes.
Can you buddy with another and share bikes to keep the cost down?
Any advice welcome.


  • carl69carl69 Posts: 31
    You should definitely go and give the track a go. I love my road cycling but riding on the track is up another level of enjoyment. It may be difficult to book so many people on to the same taster session as they tend to be very busy and get booked up quickly, it might be better to look into the other options they offer up at Manchester ie renting it out for an hour solely for your clubs use. The people at reception are the best people to contact and can tell you your options. With regard to equipment etc there, s no point in sharing bikes ( not sure if its allowed anyway ), as for the price of a 1 hour taster session, which I think is 11 pounds now, you get the bike included. You can use your own helmets but they can, t have a peak on and your own shoes but they must have look cleats (I think delta) attached. If this is not the case you can wear trainers or rent both helmet and shoes for a fiver extra. The velodrome website gives all the information better than I can. Hope this has helped a little but go and give it a go but be warned its addictive.
  • jscljscl Posts: 1,015
    Shoot me a PM if you need any advice or want to be put in contact with bookings team at MCR.

    You're looking at a 1:16 ratio for beginners. 1 Hours = 16 riders. If you book two hrs back to back, you can whittle through 32 riders and you could look at saving on the cost of bike hire. Hire is £11/2hrs for a Dolan hire bike at Manchester so providing the riders are the same height, there's no reason you couldn't share. It's the same price for 1 hr session or two hours. Pedals CANNOT be changed. It's Delta or trainers for the hire bikes.
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