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Hi guys, this is my first post here and I'm looking for some help. I'm making a sort of solid frame bag and various other storage attachments for my college DT project and I need to make a customer profile. If you could just answer a few questions I'd really appreciate it.

Just to let you know, it will look like most other frame bags but made of plastic or metal, with one large section inside the frame triangle that can be split in half depending on what you want, one small section behind the handlebars on the toptube, a small section under the seat, and possibly a drinks cage under the downtube. It will be measured to fit my Rockrider 6.3 perfectly, but can be split in half so that it should be compatible with most frames somehow. It will be watertight, will attach to the frame with padded metal mounts and velcro straps, and will fit everything that would go in your backpack plus some extra space hopefully.

1) How much roughly would you pay for this if it was a real product?
2) What would be the main points you'd consider when deciding whether or not to buy it?
3) Would you buy it if it met these points?
4) Made from plastic or metal? Plastic is lighter but cracks and is weaker, aluminium is strong and can be bent back into shape when knocked in a fall, but is heavier.
5) Any other advice to make it better?

Thanks in advance :D


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    I've got these on my bikes: -
    £9.50. My only complaint is that it could do with being a tiny bit bigger for my usage (fully bike kit, 2 phones, wallet & atm garmin.)

    It is pretty much perfect for me.
    I've wondered whether if it were inflexible it would be better, but the flexibility is actually an advantage as it means you can overload it.
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  • Sorry if it wasn't clear, not looking to buy one, I'm making one as a college project and need to complete a survey. Thanks though
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    Use survey monkey to create a real survey and you'll get much better info, however
    1/ Nothing, don't like the idea on my MTB, more a touring solution.
    2/ Irrelevant
    3/ Irrelevant
    4/ Plastic will be fine, making it from metal is a dumb idea, and I suspect your knowledge of material properties is weak!
    5/ Market it for touring, not for MTB's.
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    Better off doing a proper survey as above^

    1) Prices, I'd not pay anymore than any other company charges for a similar item, full frame bags can be had custom made for <£70.
    2) Whether it's tough, waterproof/resistant, reliable, relatively lightweight, how much it bulges out.
    3) Maybe
    4) I don't understand why you'd want to make a frame bag from plastic or metal. Seems daft.
    5) The market for full frame bags for mountain bikers is quite niche, admittedly they're ideal for bikepacking but that's not something that your average mountain biker really does.

    The main advantage of them is that if you're carrying a lot of kit you can keep the weight low and very central. You just don't need all that storage space for your everyday ride, even if I'm going out for a long day in the saddle my Mule is rarely ever full, if I'm going out for a couple of hours I'd not even bother with a bag, I'd just go full gay lycra and stash stuff in jersey pockets.
  • Thanks for the help Angry Bird, to be honest I doubt I'll make all the separate sections I mentioned and probably just the frame bag and the toptube bag, does seem like overkill. And I'd prefer to work with plastic or metal, I don't want to sew and I need to make something different to what's already out there for my project. Thanks