Legwarmers for shorter riders with more ballast

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I love my Castelli Nanoflex legwarmers but I am lucky that my shape seems to be the more 'classic' cycling one (as in 5'10 and weighing 65kg on a good day). The Castelli's are fairly long in length (my medium size ones fit my thighs nicely and go from just above my ankle right to the top of my leg, so perfect for me). One of my ridding buddies is a few inches shorter though and, ahem, carries a little more ballast up the hills. Any recommendations for him without getting into big bucks?? I figure that going up a size in Castelli's to fit his slightly larger girth dimensions will mean that he gets a legwarmer built for a tall giant's legs.

Many thanks.


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    Craft 3D knee warmers. I'm the same height as you but a bit heavier at 80Kg. Your mate could probs get away with the size XS/S unless he has thighs like Griepel.

    They fit me just above the meaty part of the calf so if your mates a few inches shorter then they'd probably be mid-lower calf in fit.
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