What weather will you guys NOT ride in?

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    1. very heavy rain if it can be helped
    2. snow
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    Insert bike here:
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    Depends where in the World you are.

    In London? As long as it isn't snowing. I've ridden happily in minus degrees.

    But, IMO here is the most important thing about riding in minus tempretures in London. While the tempreture may be below freezing the ambient surface tempreture of the main roads is likely to be hotter because of all the traffic/vehicles meaning that there isn't ice on the roads. If you leave too early in the morning or too late at night then you may encounter slippery roads/ice and that's just dangerous (also avoid ironwork on the roads for the same reason). I apply the same for hills, nothing more scary than trying to scale Balham Hill or some such and have your rear tyre lose traction because the road is slippery/iced over.
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    I generally don't ride if I'm going to get soaked in the morning ..

    I've missed some heavy snow days - being a country commute if I rode in then I'd be riding in the car tracks which would effectively prevent the cars from being able to overtake easily - once the road is clearer then I'll ride again. I have some studded tyres for this winter - so may try some offroad tracks for the commute (or part of)
  • In the past, I've ridden in everything the weather could have thrown at me. -14 degrees and 18 inches of snow? Check. Torrential downpours and floods? Check. Headwinds peaking at over 100 mph? Check.

    I'm making an effort to use the train at least one way in such weather conditions now. There's committed and there's being committed, if you see what I mean.
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    The dangerous type.
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  • Snow and/or ice. A frost isn't usually an issue, but until the snow's properly melted, I'd tend to prefer four wheels to two skinny untreaded ones.
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  • Light drizzle.
  • Snow too deep for traction. Wind too strong to cross the Kessock Bridge. The rest is fine.

    It was heavy rain in Amaterdam this morning and I was surprised by how few bikes there were.
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  • Snow or loads of ice on road.
    Anything off!

    Meteor ball rain

    Nuclear fall out
    Chinese All Carbon Hybrid, mixed with overdraft and research.
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    Fire and brimstone.
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    Ice, snow, 50mph+ wind.
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  • daviesee wrote:
    Ice, snow, 50mph+ wind.

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    Nothing stops me ! :twisted:

  • Nothing.

    Minus 16 - fine
    Gale force winds - OK
    Snow - no probs (although trouble with close clearance mudguard bikes - 'cross bike better)

    The only thing that really worries me is if I get a mechanical in the middle of nowhere in bad weather. No mobile reception and fingers freezing to the bike metal... Thankfully only happened once so far
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    Ice, not worth the risk.
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  • rhext
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    Ice, but only if the roads aren't gritted. Would even ride in ice if I had spiked tyres, but I can't justify the investment for the very few times they'd come in useful.

    Once you get over the first 5 minutes, even the worst of weathers can be quite exhilerating. Except perhaps for horizontal sleet - that's just nasty.
  • Headhuunter
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    In London, there's no prob riding in all weathers. If it's snowy and icy, I have to walk the bike to the main road as residential roads are not gritted and to slippery, but once you're on gritted London roads, there's so much traffic the snow and ice stands no chance. The roads are just wet. I've had to miss out on club rides in Kent though, once you get out on those rural roads it gets a bit dicier so I tend to give it a miss...
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    rhext wrote:
    Ice, but only if the roads aren't gritted. Would even ride in ice if I had spiked tyres, but I can't justify the investment for the very few times they'd come in useful.
    Take a holiday in Norway and have a look at their sport shops ... I've got some budget Ice tyres for my CX that should do nicely ... and even if the studs rip out they're a deep grip so will make a cracking tyre for muddy trails ... (I don't race)
  • When lightning is striking nearby.
  • itboffin
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    I absolutely refuse to ride in glorious sunshine, or headwind wind free days what's the point?
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    I have yet to encounter any weather bad enough that I would rather get the bus, perhaps if it was raining fire then I may consider taking the day off but wind, rain, snow, ice and lightning are no deterrent.
  • asprilla
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    Wind that causes bits of tree (or whole trees) to come down. Everything else is fine.
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    Thick fog.
    Location: ciderspace
  • Ice.

    Done the 'off' bit. North slope, adverse camber, high hedges and deep shade on a sunny day. All over in a trice.

  • Nuclear winter
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  • First.Aspect
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    Ice is fine if its c*o*l*d, but I avoid snow/ice around freezing. Too unpredictable.

    We get some fairly extreme winds here. I draw the line at times because 50+mph gusty side winds can get a bit sketchy in a few places on my commute.
  • iPete
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    High chance of black ice or falling trees, everything else is game on.
  • Any chance of black ice, 3 offs last winter with no warning. Shall not be repeating this year.
  • Only sufficient ice to stop me walking out of my side street. Once I get out to the main road, it's generally gritted and is busy enough to be well melted. My problem is that I finish late at night, so getting home is always the bigger issue. Determination not to a: leave the bike chained anywhere in Belfast and b: Get a taxi in lycra is very helpful with the MTFU.