Brakes feeling spongy

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I have just put new brake pads on my Shimano 105s, but the brakes feel really spongy. They come on fairly quickly - i.e. don't need much pull on the lever, but it's not a nice crisp braking action: there's still a lot of movement in the brake levers. Also, although they work I wouldn't say that they are particularly strong.

I'm confident that the pads sit flush to the rim, and there's about 0.5mm toe in. How can I make them feel less squidgy please?


  • I have this problem too. 105 calipers and levers; Dura Ace pads. Had the toe in checked by the LBS and making sure they are aligned myself by pushing the pads into the rim and then attaching the cable.

    But as the OP I can feel quite a bit of 'pull' after the pads engage. Wondering if I need new cables but not sure?
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    Cables are often the first place to look if things feel spongy. Try new inners for starters, but if your outers are getting on a bit, worth looking there as well.
  • Yup - check for cable stretch - they will pull on fine but the goosed cables will give under pressure allowing the levers to move in more.