All year round fast and racey alu commuter bike frame

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Hey there,

My bike got a bit totalled in a recent crash and I need a new frame. I own a CAAD10 as my good weekend bike for longer rides, which I had hoped to retire for the winter but without my commuting bike I can't yet..

What's a good frame, that's aluminium (has to be) I can build up with to be my all year round, solid, yet fast and strong commuting bike?

I've got about no more than £700 to spend on the frame. It can be used, but has to be in excellent nick.

I've been looking at:

CAAD10 - where I can find one cheap
CAAD8 or 9
KINESIS RACELIGHT TK3 (potentially TK2 as it doesn't require long drop brakes, which is proving the stumbling block as I want to mount SRAM Red brakes)

Any other options? And where I can obtain a frame from for respectable money. I don't want to have to buy a complete bike and then only to strip it down to build back up again, unless I get it for silly money.