9 speed to 11 speed???

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Hi Folks,

relative newbie and I want to upgrade my 2013 Specialized Tarmac from sora 9 to Ultegra 11.
I know about needing to change the rear hub for the new cassette (or can I change the freehub?)

but my problem is the FSA Gossamer cranks,

I assume the 52/36 chainrings (110 bcd) are 9 speed but no-one knows and they don't say on them??

I know the FSA shimano compatible 10 speed will work with the new 11 speed as FSA have told me so and even said that the new 10/11 speed are the same rings re-labeled.

I have laid the new 11 speed chain on the original chainrings and it fits fine (obviously not as much room as the 9 speed chain but) not too tight, fits right into the bottom of the teeth etc.

So the big question, if people say 10 speed works fine on 9 speed chainrings and FSA say their 10 speed chainrings are the same as 11 speed will 11 speed work on my original chainrings???
(or are my 9 speed rings actually 10 speed anyway?)

I don't mind changing my rings but don't want to spend the best part of £100 on exactly the same rings and if you ask the shops they surprisingly say "no, no, spend loads of money with us"


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    Chainrings do not generally have a speed (despite what manufacturer wants you to believe) and as you say it fits.

    Rear hub - you need an 11 speed hub and 11 speed casette. 11 speed cassettes will not fit on a normal 8/9/10 speed freehub.

    PS: You will regret chainging - 9 speed stuff is great. 11 speed is a tough as tissue paper.
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  • If you want to upgrade just get some 10 speed Red/Dura Ace and whack it all on - absolutely no difference between 10 and 11 unless you're a pro, you'll get D/A which is a far better groupset than Ultegra - 10 speed will be cheaper than 11 speed Ultegra as well.

    Red is also far better but will be more expensive.

    If you want to sell the Sora drop a line on this thread.
  • Thanks guys,

    going to go 11 as i think santa (my wife) has already got them in. Although I'm certainly not pro. Tempted to set it up on current chainrings and see what happens, I figure the worst will be damage to chain and chainrings in which case I'll replace the chainrings and I'd like to swap the shimano chain for KMC eventually.

    Not sure on selling the sora might keep all the replaced bits and get a cheap 'winter' frame for it all eventually,
    (see my thinking, a sneaky way of getting another bike under the radar )
  • Did you keep the existing crankset and it work out alright?

    I am in a similar situation now.

    Thank you
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    The only differences I'm aware of on the chainsets is that the chainrings can be slightly closer together - the difference from 9 to 10sp was 0.4mm I recall, so maybe the 11sp crankset will have the rings 0.8mm closer together than on the 9sp crankset. Actual rings are the same AFAIK. It's unlikely that you'll have a problem with your crankset as it is.

    If you have a problem, it's likley to be the 11sp chain (which is narrower than the 9sp) dropping down between the chainrings. If that happens, then get an 11sp chainset, changing chainrings alone won't help (for reasons of spacing detailed above).

    Are you sure Santa didn't get a whole new groupset? After all to switch you'll have already replaced STI's, front mech, rear mech, chain, cassette, rear hub (or possibly wheel). :D