ghost amr+ issues again!

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I have had the bike from new in sept last year so just over a year old, and after 6 months it started creaking badly so I replaced the needle bearings in the shock mount, no joy, so I replaced the main pivot, still no joy with a trip to morzine coming up I took it to my local dealer who had it for two weeks and told me it didn't do it when he rode it(a noise so loud and constant it was embarrassing riding past people on the trail)and it came back filthy, he said also he could do any warranty work as I didn't get the bike from him, so a phonecall was made to hotlines who were not happy to hear about that at all. they put me onto the next nearest dealer which is in Doncaster a 70mile round trip, it has since been there twice having to pick it up to go to france still creaking and then return it after, they were good to me and I got the bike back after about 5 weeks creak free, however now I don't think the rear shock is right, I have to have the rebound set to full and I carnt seem to set it up right, they did replace the bushings in the shock while searching for the noise. I am at my wits end with this bike I love the way it used to ride and just want it how it was should I just get in touch with hotlines and see what they do as I am fed up with trips to a distant bike shop, rant over :D