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Can anyone recommend a good road shoe that has a wide toe box, I currently have a specialized elite road shoe 2013 and they seem quite narrow. I am looking to spend around £100 max.


  • I have wide plates and the north wave shoes are a decent fit
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    I would agree. I have wide feet and my Northwaves are the best shoes i've ever used.
    Its pretty consistent across the range too as i bought some touring shoes and these are equally as good a fit.
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    some shoes are sold with the "wide" option

    http://www.merlincycles.com/bike-shop/a ... white.html
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    +1 Northwave, but the further you go up the range the narrower they seem to get.
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    Northwave - definitely best for wide fitting. I own three pairs!

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  • Wide fit BONTs - shoes that are the same shape as feet! How on earth did they come up with that crazy idea???


    Only downside is you have to measure your feet yourself to ensure good fit and order via that site - plus side mine came within a fortnight and were cheaper than anywhere else I could find for the same model standard fit.
  • rpherts
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    Can confirm the Shimano have a wide fitting and it is wide. The only drawback is they only seem to offer white.

    The Northwave shoes - are all wide or just certain models?
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    Width is a real problem in cycling shoes. Mine are 2 sizes too big to accommodate the width!
    If you have a spare £400 plus you can get custom made shoes from some of the specialist shops.
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    SixSixOne are wide. Issues getting overshoes to fit comfortably though
  • k-dog
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    I have wide fairly square feet - and find shoes in general hard to get, never mind cycling shoes.

    The problem with most wide models is that they're not actually wider - they just increase the volume. While this helps a bit it can still feel like your outer toes are gripping the edge of the shoe.

    I've been using Sidi's in the Mega size for a while but even they are not wide enough. Just about to get some Bont Vaypour's which are actually wide (and foot shaped like someone said) and look like they will do the job.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • I had Northwaves and they were good. I then upgraded to Fizik R1's and these have blown them out of the water.
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  • Lake
  • I struggled to find the right shoes for my flipper width feet! But the Bontrager RXL shoes I got from the forums on here were perfect! Very comfy, would recommend them
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    I've also got square feet, am also a Spesh user but have heard Northwave were wide. Didn't know about Shimano - thought they'd be narrow!?!?!?!!?!? Know that Sidi are out of the question, both on price and fit :(

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    Shimano do a wide fit in a few models.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.