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Hi all riding a Boardman hybrid comp at the moment to loose weight and keep fit looking to get a road bike soon and keep the Boardman with mudguards for winter training. Been to 2 of my lbs suggested the Trek domane 4.3 ,Specialized Roubaix sl4 sport ,and the mekk poggio 2.5 these are all around the £1500 mark what do you think of these bikes ? or any other recommendations I will be using bike on road only and would need more comfort then out right speed, max I would do is 30mls in one go . I have read on the forums about the planet x bikes would one of these be suitable ? thanks for any reply's.


  • I have the same objectives as you, and I bought a Dawes hybrid this year. Love it, but I then bought a spec roubaix compact sport and I love that as well.

    Good service from a local dealer and a good bike fit makes for a happy road bike owner. I went with spec as we have a good local dealer who could lend me an identical bike to try.
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    You are thinking along the right lines and understanding you want to balance speed with comfort also makes things easier. Other things to consider are how smooth are the roads you ride and are they hilly. This affects what size tyres / wheels you want and the best gear ratios for you. A few test rides should give you an idea.